Share Anything

Do more with less. Share goods, books, tools, and gear with your friends and neighbours.

Want stuff when you need it?

Borrow it from a neighbour or friend instead. Do the things you love or need to do without cluttering up your life.

  • Pay less for the things you need
  • Try new activities without committing to expensive equipment
  • Settling in to a new place? Let neighbours and friends help you get set up
  • Go green - rent or borrow the things you won't use often instead of buying them new

Have things sitting idle?

Give your stuff new life. Let neighbours, friends, and people you care about know what you have to share.

  • Keep track of your stuff when you lend it out to friends, neighbours, and familly
  • Share your hobbies and passions
  • Clear out your space: let your friends take care of your things
  • Go green - sharing your stuff means fewer things being made and ending up in the landfill
George Anstey

George Anstey Co-founder, CEO

George is an ideas guy who pursues his passions with determination and a steady hand. His raw go-getter energy gets him a long way, and his Commerce & Entrepreneurship degree fills in the gaps. He was awarded the 2015 "Future Potential Award" from the Peter B. Gustavson school of business. It was one of his business courses that first put the twinkle of Sharesy in his eye.

Currently, when he's not interpreting the start-up navigation charts for Sharesy, he spends his days in operations at Broken Coast Cannabis, where he holds a Health Canada security clearance for working with medical cannabis. When he unplugs from Sharesy and Broken Coast, he plugs into his guitar to chill out, teach, or perform.

Tana Jukes

Tana Jukes Co-founder, COO

Tana has always kept an eye out for good projects. The kind that solve problems, help people and planet, and push the imagination. After handling website administration and marketing for eco- and e-retailers, she decided to pursue her passion for the web and move into fulltime development.

Sharesy is her way of combining these pursuits with her background in community engagement, which includes leading outreach teams for a landslide victory in Vancouver city politics. She holds a BA in Public Administration and French. Tana is our co-founder who's always thinking one step ahead, and you can bet she'll be dancing for as long as she can move.

Ryder Bergerud

Ryder Bergerud Co-founder, CTO

Ryder's friendly, fun-loving grin belies his razor-sharp intelligence and deep resourcefulness. He holds a BSc Honours in Mathematics from UVic, and after graduating worked in rapid prototyping for an e-commerce analytics company. The idea for Sharesy came to him while he was eating lunch at the Victoria harbour and looking at the same boats sitting docked day after day, never going out on the water where they belonged. These days, when he's not smoothing out Sharesy's toughest technical knots he can be found exploring remote backroads with his beloved bicycle or jamming out in the sunshine with a group of friends.

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